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Providing medical care to patients at home is not a new concept.  Most elders remember the days when the doctor came to their home and took care of the entire family.  Through years of experience, we have found that elders and the disabled who are confined to home are frequently medically mismanaged and undertreated.  Revisiting the concept of home medical care is essential in order to form personal relationships that focus on each patient's individual needs.  Every patient we have is treated with the utmost respect and dignity.  High quality and comfort care are the essence of our practice. Medical care will focus on maintaining the patient safely at home, evaluating acute illness promptly, managing chronic illness, and referring the patient to other providers such as social workers, visiting nurses and therapists, dentists, podiatrists, etc.  Avoiding emergency room admissions, managing medications, promoting wellness, and preventing illness are just a few of the goals of this practice.


If you are older than age 65 you should be receiving health care from an expert in geriatric medicine!

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